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Tapping the Womb of Cosmic Creation

Every culture has its traditions around the Solstice window. For a powerful opening like this one, the window begins approximately a week prior and closes approximately a week afterwards. So, we are ‘in it’ at the moment.

I am loving these energies. As strong as they are, and as much as they are pushing out of us all, the light beneath the waves is the birthing water for what we will become. And, that is up to each of us. We are the keys to many realities.

The weather dakinis are whipping up a storm just now. The maple tree…

Prompt: Daily Strategies

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When old ways disappear

I had been practicing meditation, mindfulness and movement for decades when I received a hardware re-set that turned everything I had studied and learned inside out. The changes I had made in body life and mind, set the stage, and, were nothing compared to the physical re-boot of what I thought I had been practicing.

I thought I was simply de-hydrated and weary, but as my left side went slack and ceased to function, and I heard my roommate frantically dialing ‘911’ I realized something else was happening. Something was wrong. What could be wrong? …


As we bask in its light, may we become it

It is for those who can stand in the hugeness of summer and look into what the light reveals. It is for those who soften into connection, melt into tides, and also provide the definition of the shore.

Centering love is for those with integrity. Not a moral code, per se, but the deep integration of beliefs with behaviors, commitments with actions, visions with knowledge of self and world.

We will not know the power of our love until we let it draw us out. Will not reveal our glory until summer strips us of our hiding. …

Prompt: Sacred Tree

photo, mine

A network of mother trees.

The two sentinels of the quartz tower were easy to spot, even from the well of magic at its base. From the top, they identified themselves quite clearly. The ancient pines stood to either side of the three-story-high quartzite feature, channeling its emanations westward across the valley. Strong and silent, they stood guard. As did the two cedar trees shielding the base of the tower and the magic that lives there.

I chose to climb the crystal tower early one summer morning. The short climb from the road wound through a small canyon flanked on one side by steep ridges…

Prompt: Sacred Tree


World tree of Mesoamerica

One of the things I love about travel is the discovery of what trees are held Sacred in every region, and why. In the Yucatan and other parts of Mesoamerica, one of these is the Ceiba. Its spiky trunk reminds me of roses and their protective thorns. A Ceiba, or Kapok, is one of the largest trees in the Mexican bush and Central American forest, and may live several hundred years. Its bark is used in Asia for soap, but in the Americas, it is revered. …

Prompt: Your Favorite Tree

photo, mine

I have had many favorite trees in my life. Their lovely lives span the globe.

My first friends were two silver birches stretching up from the wooded hill in back of our house. We never failed to greet one another each morning. I recall both sunlight and cloud goldening and silvering their leaves. The light striped and danced upon their magical silvery trunks.

I check in with them from time to time. It’s nice to stay in touch. It was they who taught me about the root systems of the world and how all are interconnected.

The tree whose photo…

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The dreadnought of dissolving a life

My siblings and I currently play on team, “help Dad out of his old life and into something manageable {read assisted}.” As with any team sport, there is practice and training involved.

I am having more frequent conversations with my brother and sister than ever, often playing a bit of ad hoc referee when things heat up. During one conversation in particular, I was about to run for the body armor and whistle, when everyone took a deep breath and remembered that we love one another.

And this is hard. Hard for us, who are doing the legwork, paperwork, and…

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One of Life’s Clearest Lessons

I wrote my website blog this week on Teachers and Students, mentioning some of what I have learned from being both.

One memory stood out for me. A memory of hosting a retreat intensive in Brittany, France, where I was blamed that the retreat had not been handled well and was not intensive or introspective enough.

Here is the section from the blog:
… clear intentions were voiced, by me. A few others on the trip took the opportunity to play the vay-kay card, and use the power places visited to further their own agendas. The guide and translator…

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From One Year to the Next, Everything Changes

A lone peach tree stands in ta place of honor in our garden. Young and seemingly delicate, it stands in a place of honor amidst more mature aspens, cottonwoods, mimosas, and evergreens.

Last year, a late frost nipped any prospective peaches in the bud. Its budding fruit froze, fell, and was swept into oblivion by the very efficient lawn crew.

This year, late snows gave their gift of shelter to the budding tree. Not cold enough to freeze, just cold enough to snow, cozy cocoons of whiteness enfolded its tightly closed beginnings. The result was entirely unexpected! There must be…

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Are we ready?

What if we, in our very human bodies, were here to recognize ourselves as the womb of creation? What if body wisdom, the inner radiance of each and every cell, was what would enlighten the world? What if bringing home HERE, meant into the body? Cue the lifetime that supports our learning.

My journey through the portals of embodiment began on 28th May 1989. Welcome to how you have been misaligned with your body. Only I didn’t know it then.

Until then, I had practiced, since birth, if you can imagine that, more traditional forms of enlightenment. Oh, and if…

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I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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