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Western World Delusions: ~ Quotes from Students

“I’ll study for now and when my husband dies, I’ll become enlightened.” Interested, but not stirred. Good heart, no gumption. And, a gross misunderstanding of the process. Quite typical.

“I just have to get these projects completed, {or do these things}then I’ll have…

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The Seeker sat with the Sage, pondering what was happening. What is this, I’m feeling? Had this happened to the Sage, as well? How could I have learned so much and fall apart now?

“My life is flashing before my eyes,” the Questing One whispered. “I see larger patterns, and…

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Why am I here, now?

She had never asked the question, before. Things had always been clear. Bring light, pass it on. Learn more, pass it on. Illuminate and integrate, pass it on. Seed sixth dimensional structures with heart. Pass on the seeding through entrainment. Plant the seeds and they will grow.

The little one…

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Some of us navigate differently. We open new ways. Ways that need only the trail maintenance of open hearts, choosing to live free.

Willing, burning, yearning toward what lies beyond the breakthroughs,
“second star to the right and straight on till morning.” {line borrowed from Peter Pan}

We live, not…

Don’t get me wrong. Writing is a way I love to ladle light.

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Last month my payout from this platform was $17. Not good nor bad, just not a lot. Not that it ever is. Not that I usually even notice. That information arrived in the middle of an online course I have been taking. I was mostly interested in the course material…

One of life's toughest lessons! The mirrors we want to ignore tend to shatter, and we get hit with the shards. And, as the line in Inception goes, "A facefull of glass hurts like hell even when you're dreaming."

This piece made me so happy! I know my SA friends feel the same about their projects. It's wonderful when simple but practical education makes such a difference! We in 'developed' countries take so much for granted when so little creates change.

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Welcome to this month’s threshing floor. Sorting hats need not apply.

Night before last, as I got up to visit the loo, I stumbled over the cat. She was hell bent on connecting as I opened the door to get to the bathroom. I stepped a bit sideways to avoid…

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Life is a teaching story we tell ourselves. Sometimes this can be quite a useful perspective. Often, it cracks me up. Other times…well, we all have those. Quite a lot, lately, if we’re equally honest about what we’re perceiving and what we don’t want to see.

What happens when life…

photo, mine, Poet’s Walk, Provence 2005

Our first cave was a woman’s body.
Our first awareness of the ‘verse, uni or multi,
grew from this insulated awareness.
In fetal form, we flowed with
our current of the cosmic dance,
the interconnectedness of our stellar nature.

Held within the Womb of Creation,
we grew our coming adventures.
Form is…

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Tonight’s full moon ends a kind of karmic hell-week. Mostly internal. Hugely reflective. Life in a crucible of remembered reflections.

The oddest things have come up. Slicing shards of memory, mostly bitter, some sweet. “I wish I had done that differently. Why did that person tell me I was going…

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I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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