Architected Awareness

Nalini MacNab
4 min readFeb 15, 2018
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Centralized systems are pyramids.

Why has humanity been so fascinated by pyramids and what does that say about our participation in the realities we create?

How can we create new realities that have nothing to do with centralized systems?

We are the architects of our reality.

This is not only true, it is the mathematically encoded message of the great pyramid and its entourage on the Gizeh plateau, as well as the intelligence inherent within the Fibonacci spiral.

One way to create new realities is through the pattern recognition that comes with intuition. We intuitively feel that there is something hidden, something more, something extraordinarily beautiful… and so we plunge further in…

In 1999 the film The Matrix arrived on the mass market scene. Nineteen years ago, in 1999, an eclipse cycle began that ended with the lunar eclipse on 31 January of this year, 2018. Esoteric astrologers tell us that a cycle like this one can reflect to us what is completing and what is beginning.

What if, nineteen years ago, at the beginning of this eclipse cycle, the ‘masses’ were introduced to what has been arcane, occult and esoteric knowledge for eons? What if, at the close of this cycle, the limitations held in that ‘matrix’ are releasing from mass consciousness? By choice, of course. We do create our experiences of reality by choice.

Centralized systems are created with caps on consciousness. The architecture of every religious edifice in the world bears this out. Cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries, pyramids. If you feel into these architectures, you can feel their built-in limits on resonance. This is not good or bad. It is so.

Some walls are built to limit the vibrations of those who dwell therein, some walls are built to contain consciousness and protect it from those energies that would seek to corrupt what is within. Perspective is the key to how truth unfolds for each of us.

When you feel into a structure of this deliberately and precisely mathematically-constructed kind, what do you feel? Is there truth there? What flavor of truth? Does it resonate with your home frequencies (your true essence)? Does it make your heart open and your awareness soar? Does it hold a wobble or feel uncomfortable? Have you been taught that a certain type of wobble is ‘better’ or ‘more spiritual’ than another? Is it so? Your intuition always knows.

When in Transition, Question Everything!

What the completion of this last eclipse cycle provides to us is an opportunity to create new systems, especially those of belief, that do not require caps on consciousness.

The first image, below, is an artists’ rendering of the standing resonator stones at Göbekli Tepe, currently thought to be the oldest temple on earth.

photo credit: National Geographic

This second image, created for National Geographic, shows the resonators enclosed in scaffolding to protect them. The uncapped nature of the structure retains its vibration, however. Can you feel it?

Consider the feel of open architecture, compared to that which is centralized and closed. We have been taught that a closed system is safer. We are conditioned to believe that centralized is safe. Exhibit A: The reality of the film The Truman Show.

Centralized, capped architecture supports a particular form of consciousness. Open, decentralized architecture supports unlimited conscious evolution. What feels safer to you? What feels better and more sustainable to your intuition? If there is conflict in what you feel, you have reached the blessing of cognitive dissonance that is the precursor for change.

Flow is not experienced by building edifice after edifice to contain it.

As we architect our next realities, what will we choose? The design, the architecture and the choices live within each of us.

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