Between the Worlds

Nalini MacNab
4 min readNov 7, 2017

Many of us walk between the worlds, often without realizing we do so.

We walk between the worlds of work and home, between the worlds of the stages of growing up, between the worlds of things we enjoy and those we avoid.

Between the worlds there is sanctuary. Labyrinths were designed to be just such spaces. A place where specific steps, taken on specific paths, lead to center. This center represents the center of our own being. Our ‘safe space’ within. The still and quiet space where there is only Source, the Infinite, our authenticity or whatever you want to call this sacred space.

A time-space pixel on this planet has us all firmly between the worlds. All worlds. If you call up that still place inside you, whether in meditation or on a walk in nature, or over a cup of something cozy, you can notice this. Worlds whirling around you all over the place, all ‘anyhow’. This is a ‘turning of the soil’. An airing out of the places we’ve sunk our roots so that they can receive more light.

During a ‘turning time’, when ages turn, tides turn, moments stretch into destinies and destinies held for lifetimes collapse into moments, there exists a vast and infinite pixel of opportunity. A safe and sacred moment wherein all potentials, all possibilities are equally viable. Viable, not necessarily going to happen. All outcomes are foregone conclusions in some reality or other… not necessarily our own or the ones we have chosen to experience. Futures happen by trajectory and we shift ours with every choice we make.

A breath between the worlds is a literal pause button, a brief moment held for us in the Infinite for observation, for appreciation and for wonder. A moment wherein we can rest in the position of the observer and look at the worlds we wander through.

There are many forms of labyrinth. Contained spaces for contemplation… not the same as contrived spaces for entertainment. A critical distinction.

A digitally designed labyrinth is a constructed space, much as a stone circle or labyrinth might be. What is its purpose, is what to observe and to feel. How does it feel to you? If bad, then bail, is a healthy equation. If intriguing, notice why you are curious. Curiosity is not a bad thing, though it is said to decrease the multiple lifespans of cats… so they say.

The worlds we traverse are reality constructs; constructed realities. They are contrived, by us, so that we have the experiences we incarnated to move through. We can change our experience at any time.

There are many psychological and spiritual tools and practices to help us literally change our minds. A space between worlds, which is available to us at any time, not just now… makes the tool chest obsolete, if we know how to make intelligent choices. Having a moment between the worlds can act as a re-set point for anything that wants re-setting… and can strengthen those choices that remain the same.

Your intelligent choices will be intelligent for you and perhaps for no one else.

There will be shared choice-making when shared experience is what you have designed your life to be…and who hasn’t? Take a moment to ponder. What choices are available to me at this moment? Which ones feel best? Let’s make those! {speaking of intelligent choices}

Most truths are very simple. Between the worlds is a simple space. Simple and infinitely fertile with every possibility you or anyone else has ever dreamed. Smorgasbord of delight? Sure. Or is it ‘snoregasbord’ for you? You get to choose!

Take a few moments to be the observer. Listen to your intuition. Follow your flow. See where it takes you that might be a whole new adventure or a fresh take on one dear to your heart.

Walks between the worlds are steps taken into wisdom with wonder. En-JOY!

And if you enjoyed this, please applaud and spread the joy around. We all need it these days! Thank you for reading.

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Let’s create some fresh new worlds! The time is ripe for choosing.



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