Faith Fell on the Floor Today

Funny, that. As faith is my ‘home turf’. This is what happened.

Mercury does go direct this coming Wednesday, and while its retrogrades do not usually affect me much or at all, this one has had interesting twists and turns. I will be grinningly grateful for its upcoming about-face. That with a large dollop of fresh diligence!

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the contact email for my website had been ‘unattended’ for several months. Months! Aaah! The ‘good faith’ connect option hadn’t been connecting, for quite some time. I now know the ‘what’ of that happening and, perhaps, the why. None of that information matters. What hit me was that the ‘business contact’ email had been down and while I intuitively knew there was ‘something’ I had not seen or felt the specifics of this. I typically would have done. I would have known or been shown that I was missing contacts and communications.

What I felt was interference of the non-specific kind that usually indicates to me that I need to make changes. Something feels ‘off’. So I listen, then make them. And so I did. Or so I thought.

The interference continued. And I gave it power. Never a good move. One I thought I had dropped from my dance repertoire a long long time ago.

As entrepreneurs we all know the surfing of the vagaries of what is going on locally, globally, and personally. We do what must be done. And I had done. Or so I thought. The task was reassigned and I checked up on it from time to time. I had faith that communications that needed to be forwarded to me would be. It has not been happening.

As I reached for a sip of tea after my morning meditation, I noticed something on the floor. A card from an oracle deck I play with sometimes had fallen, face up. It’s title was ‘FAITH’. Laughing, I rolled the alliteration across my tongue. Faith fell on the floor. Funny!

Then it hit me. Go check email!!!! And, sure enough, there was email to my personal address, citing multiple instances of having contacted the other address to no avail. Merde! {Pardon my french.}

Mailchimp glitched as I was editing the template to send an apology to my email list. When I looked at my edited version it was clean. When I hit send, the system apparently defaulted to the original version and the email went out with an old video and teleconference invitation attached. Lovely! Again with expletives! Only this time I am laughing my nether regions off.

This stuff happens, right? I no longer have the voice in my head saying it all should have been perfect. And yet… there is that part of me that would have liked whatever this shift is that my business is going through to be… controlled by me? No, that’s not it. Way over that one.

Uninterfered with? Well, sure, we all want that. No real charge on that one. So what happened here?

Do businesses, as entities, have egos? I’m pretty sure that happens on some energetic plane or dimension…Was this an ego-smack?

Faith is absolute positivity. ~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai

Is it? For me, faith has been that which transcends both positive and negative and is the lightstream in which I live and function.

Waaait a minute. “Faith fell on the floor.”

Some dreams die hard. Over the past six months, my longest-standing dream, of a collaborative high-frequency alliance, a form of D.A.C. in ‘new-technology’ speak, bit the dust. Hard. A face-plant of the intense and brutal kind. Only for the few involved… or so I thought until I found out about the email issue. {Oh holy poo in many dimensions!}

We have all been through this many times, we of the entrepreneurial bent. It is all about learning and getting back up. And realizing that some other form of this or some other form of something else is really what is wanting to be birthed. That is why the above did not happen. Not the right energies or timing or ‘something’.

What I know for sure… shamelessly quoting Oprah here…is that if I let go of everything, toss all the spinning plates on high, let go of my assumptions, my projections and expectations, that what is appropriate will flow through in a clean new channel, making its way into life’s river once again.

“For whatsoever from one place doth fall,
Is with the tide unto an other brought:
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.”― Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene

Here’s to new beginnings! May they bless us, one and all!

Thank you for reading. May all your new beginnings support your highest frequencies.


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I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.