Fear moves ‘out’ of us through acceptance. It moves through the heart. This is it’s only exit point. Anything else sublimates, represses, compartmentalizes this energy.

Love and fear cannot exist in the same vibrational space. I have always chosen love. It moves in and moves out the fear… gently and with quiet determination.

Radical acceptance of the vibrations that replace love’s place within us is one of the best beginnings and the only strategy that will work every single time it is used.

Beautifully stated. Oh, and I always used lunch. Tea and I have a whole other relationship. Invite the ____ (fill that in) to lunch. Imagine that person/place/thing/vibration/energy sitting on a lovely cushion or chair or whatever across from you. Have the conversation. Why are you (the energy ‘in the way’) here? What is your benefit to me? Why did I ask you to play this part?

Next piece. REALLY LISTEN to the answers that percolate from the unconscious. Delicious and sometimes difficult truths arise that will free the heart. Every time.

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love. https://www.goddessportalsupport.com

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