It’s Groundhog Day!

Nalini MacNab
2 min readFeb 2, 2024
Photo by Chelsey Faucher on Unsplash

My Friend the Woodchuck

House tucked away from humanity
enfolded by woodland flora and fauna.
Man-dredged pond hiding behind deep tree-screen
just back from the road.
Pond stocked with edible finned-ones
frequented by local frogs, whose chorus
deafened Spring evenings.

“Leave them alone!” was shouted at neighbor boy, who played at separating mating couples, or pulling apart long gooey-greenish egg strands. “Their whole life is here. Do not disturb!”

Pelting rotting cattail stalks and mud at one another, ruckus of neighbor boy and I left amphibians to their doings. Oh, to live between the worlds of earth and water! What was a bit of mud but this intricate union?

In the bank of this lively pond there lived a woodchuck, for this creature is so-named thereabouts. Its burrow was cleverly dug so as to be entered from land or water. In the deep cold of winter, the entrance could only be observed from iced-over, if one was patient and lucky.

Sitting quietly, I witnessed the owner of said burrow exit and enter, its wobbly gait efficient enough to elude marauding felines and raptors. The ungainly creature swelled in Autumn and appeared…



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