The Blockchain and Sacred Geometry

Nalini MacNab
6 min readJan 15, 2018

How is the nature of the blockchain like the flower of life?

Is this a rabbit hole that interests you? If so, take a peek.
{Disclaimer for the techs… some of this is basic… bear with me.}

Here is diagram one. One of many representations of the de-centralized infrastructure of the blockchain. Some of you might remember when this was called ‘distributed computing’ back in a day that is rapidly disappearing into the mists. THIS de-centralized architecture is an inspired upgrade, born of what needs to come next in our world.

Notice the little circles and the larger one in the center of this diagram. Each of those illustrations represents a person, platform, product or service or a combination of these concepts. The Infinite’s candy store. Everything available to freely create between nodes, anything that might want to be created, with no authoritarian controller.

What ‘controls’ this? The integrity of amassed consensus. An integrity that is ‘by the creators and for the creators’ (and therefore consumers) thereof. If the creative force is what controls this, and it is, then what is modeled (in other diagrams that you might prefer as well) is how nature functions. It is how the CREATOR, the Infinite, functions. This is divine architecture.

I have been a ‘pattern recognition algorithm’ in many lifetimes. Some of you understand that pattern recognition is a visceral way of understanding ‘things’ or life or creation. Some of you might not understand that this skill is what makes everything ‘work’. You’ll get there. We all will.

So, ‘divine architecture’. That got me interested. Interested before I began to pay attention to those coins showing up in the windows of places I wouldn’t walk into and on tech articles I was reading for another reason.

What got my attention? The energetic architecture. It pinged the truth facilitator within me and that always gets and deserves my attention. When something is based on the REAL energies of creation, it is inevitable that it will become sustainable. I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E. Wait and see.

For example, take this next diagram. I see it as one type of expansion of the “person, platform, product or service or a combination of these…



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