Two Weeks, No WiFi ~ Please, may I have some more?

Last night was my re-immersion into WiFi-World, after a two-week hiatus. The first week was intentional. I hosted (hostessed?) a retreat in a remote area. No wifi. For the most part, no cell signal. Immersion in nature and quiet. Heaven.

The second week ‘without’ was unintentional. The place I was staying fell through and the place I ended up staying was a wifi-free zone. I found I had remembered a quieter world, and did not miss the pings and chimes and tones of constant connectivity.

I watched as some of the journeyers on my retreat sniffed for signal at most opportunities, even though everyone had been asked not to do so. One of the interesting things about retreat time is how many of us have forgotten the quieter world. When we opt out, even for a few days, that dash-paced, caffeine-fueled world rushes on and we can feel it is doing so without us.

The effect of the opt-out plays into other people’s lives as well. Where are you? Why aren’t you answering my messages?

I remember when snail mail was something to look forward to and the instant gratification/stimulation of texting would have been thought intrusive.

When there were first reasonably priced cell phones, I refused to have one. I did not want to be tethered to an electronic leash. I now own a smartphone like most of us in the western rat race… I own multiple digital devices from which I run my business and do my work in the world.

I have, however, managed to work ‘in’ that world but not be ‘of’ it. How? It’s the opt-out that makes the difference. A mentor used to teach that when we unplug from all of the mundane things in our lives, we give our energy field a breather. AND, we allow ourselves to see how plugged into us the others in our lives really are. Energy drains? That is a case by case determination. Interesting information? Always.

One of the fun things about being unplugged is to notice who keeps texting… who texts at critical moments while you are on your retreat? (observation based on later reads and the timestamp of course) Who keeps sending you ‘stuff’ when they KNOW you are unplugged? Who respectfully and lovingly backs off? Where do you viscerally feel the difference when an energy feed has ‘left the building’?

Years ago, moving house once again, (5 times in a 4 year period… weird rental cycles) I disconnected my cable service. It wasn’t cheap to tell DirectTV to terminate my contract with them, it was just cheaper than the extra few hundred dollars they wanted to move my service a second time. What happened? I felt better!

Not having that electronic feed running into the house, even though it was only used to view films and the occasional cable series, opted me out of a huge swath of energetic static. The relief in my body was palpable.

So back to two weeks, no wifi. I have already stated that I, like most of us here, need the internet to work. If it disappeared tomorrow, the world would not end, but I would have to find another form of income… pronto!

What happened during the past two weeks?

Nature came fully alive around me. From my bed, I heard the birds, the lapping of the waves on the shore, the wind in the trees and the barking of seals. {the barking of newborn seals, no less} Every hike, every meditation, every venture into somewhere as yet unknown brought wildness alive in my blood and bones. I noticed the differences in flora and fauna. Red squirrels, not grey. Fuzzy creamy-yellow-colored seals that are several months old to perhaps yearlings. Differently colored than the newborns or the mature colony. I noticed the difference in how trees, grasses and herbs smell in the early morning fog, under the afternoon sun, and as the sun sets at almost midnight.

I began to fully breathe again, noticing that somehow I had stopped letting my lungs fill to capacity. I began to move more freely, mostly unencumbered by the constant presence of the photo-op phone. Is it in my pocket? Will it fall out? What if it smacks against the rocks while I’m hiking? What is the best angle for this site? Oh I took photos aplenty, but that constant whisper of civilized angst was missing.

Two days ago I sat in a local café to pull together my monthly newsletter. A small sign in its front window advertised bandwidth but as the whole area was mostly without, it seemed no one noticed. Or maybe the visitors in the area were starting to feel what I had been feeling. I found a hidden corner and was, for the better part of three hours, totally undisturbed.

When my hands hit the keyboard, I felt not only it’s familiarity, but the electronic rush… and I said NO. I pulled back my paws and centered myself in the quiet I had begun to cherish so completely. NO. The quiet is going to pour through these circuits, not the other way around.

Here is a packet of quiet for your busy online day. May it grace you as the past two weeks have graced me.


Early morning sun ~ Claigan Beach, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Thank you for reading! More adventures to follow! {As I’m back online now, of course.}




I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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Nalini MacNab

Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.

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