Wisdom Gained From Bees

It is springtime hereabouts and we no longer have to wonder ‘where have all the flowers gone?’! I wandered the fresh-cut fields this morning, remembering the sweet scent of purple clover and Queen Anne’s lace.

I wouldn’t have remembered this lacy herb smelling like that, but it brought home memories of my grandmother’s garden. She much approved the name, funny odd semi-revolutionary-royalist that she was.

As I wandered into the loo this morning, I heard what I first thought was one of the local farmers running a mower or a saw of some kind. The buzzing was loud but soft enough that it seemed to come from a distance. Then I looked up at the window. Wow! HUGE bumble bee! Or is it a carpenter bee? They have the larger, elongated bodies that almost look like hornets except for the fuzzy bits at the tail. I couldn’t quite tell, and didn’t want to get so close that I alarmed the bee.

my iPhone, luckily nearby!

On cautiously closer inspection, this bee wanted out! Badly! The humming was its way of communicating with the outside world. I could sense the determined connection and the intent to be reunited. I opened a window.

This window is on the other side of the room. Not wanting to attempt capture or to herd the bee, I began to hum to it. I have no explanation other than it seemed like the appropriate thing at the moment. I whisper-hummed a little ‘come hither’ tune toward the open window.

The bee flew straight at me, then veered off at the last minute, landing on a large plant that sits under the windowsill. I softly encouraged the bee to investigate, reaching over its perch to open the window wider. The bee hovered a bit, then zoomed straight off into the lovely spring day.

Why so much interest? At the start of my current travels, I wondered where I would end up. I suppose we all do that. I wondered where this might lead, what possibilities might open and asked my intuition to give me signs along the way. I suppose we all do that too. We know that we know but we ask all the same.

At my first port of call, I pondered a bit on my upcoming wanderings, anticipating lovely walks, hikes, beautiful natural surroundings in three different climes. As I wondered what all this had in common, because there is a thread here, not to be missed, a large bee flew across the balcony outside my room and hovered in plain view.

I wondered, then, if it was a bumble bee and did a bit of online research. That is where I found out about carpenter bees. Hmm.

Bumblebee medicine tells us:

The bee holds longevity (sustainability) secrets and is a totem for physical practices like yoga.

It tells us “WAKE UP and follow the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Listen to your true self, your higher self. Heed your inner voice and wisdom. If bumblebee finds you, you must follow its lead. If you do this, you will come to the destination most suited for your new life awakening.”

As signs go, that was fairly clear. Then, as there was a bit of confusion on my part as to the little critter’s appearance, I researched carpenter bees.

Carpenter bee medicine says “One is being told not to become short sighted in things; don’t have a closed mind, or allow stubbornness to get in the way.”

Hmm. Well that speaks to any voices of denial or illusion or wanting things a certain way. Brilliant! Marching orders received. Now which way is the thing going to fly?

The bee continued to hover. I watched it for a few minutes, then continued to write. A paragraph or two later I looked up and it had disappeared.

I forgot about the incident, though I did make notes in my little portable pocket-sized Moleskine notebook (with you all the way on that one Srinivas Rao). And I traveled on to my next port of call.

Walking around a beautiful loch with friends, we pulled their new pup back from a pair of lovely little bees, pollinating the violets at the foot of… a portal opening. I posted a photo of it in my article entitled Where Magic Love to Grow.

Bees again, my intuition nudged me. Here? At the loch?

At the opening… my intuition shouted in my ear, giggling all the way.

Right. So, what then? But the pup wanted her walk and so we wandered on.

This morning’s adventure, with what I am fairly certain could have been either a large bumble bee or a carpenter bee, happened at my third port of call. A location I love, but one that has its issues of late. Surface world stuff? Appearances?

What if what you need is not country-specific?

I never thought it was. The arc I am traveling is one of astro-cartographically ‘A’ rated locations whose vibrations ought to support wherever it is that I am headed. How do I know that? I don’t, but I trust my astro-cartographer. He hasn’t missed yet.

My current location is on the ‘C’ list, energetically, but this property and I have a thing going. Just so you know. I was late out for my ‘morning walk’ and missing my massive lately-transitioned canine companion, but the land was magic all the same.

This morning’s bee headed straight out to the fields when it escaped my attempts to set it free. I figured it was the same for me. The fields held today’s answer, heralded by the bee.

The land and I rose up to meet one another, as all shared intimacy ought to occur.

I recalled entering the domain of my first port of all, where a blast of light greeted me at the front door. Had it waited there, for my return, or did the light rise up through my open heart?

How many times have we wished that for self and others? That the road might rise up to meet us just where we need to be.

Today’s hint? Take a chance and follow that bee!



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